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Welcome To Our Shop!

Welcome to our shop! My name is Beth, and I am a one-person shop owner that turned a hobby into a business. I kept seeing these tumblers all over the place, Facebook, my friends had them, TikTok, everywhere. One day I decided to buy a tumbler from a friend. That was the day I decided to start my new hobby.

It was awesome! It was shiny and so brightly colored. I thought to myself," hey I want to learn how to make these".  Luckly it was tax return time because it was an expensive start up hobby. I started watching videos on YouTube on how to make the tumblers and finding out what supplies I needed. There was one problem, everyone did things differently, So I decided to buy a tumbler press (this was the most expensive part, which later I found out I didn't really need), a printer, paper, ink, and the blank tumblers themselves. After messing up quite a few tumblers trying to figure out the best way to do them, I finally got it down. 

I really enjoyed making the tumblers, once I got good at making them, I decided to sell them. After I got good at making the 20 oz tumblers, I decided to move on to 40 oz tumblers. Those were a bit more difficult to master. Not only were they bigger, but they also had two different sizes on them, the top and the bottom. Then there was the handle I had to figure out how to maneuver around. After figuring out everything I needed to, I made a website with different size tumblers with more items to be added shortly. 

All items can be customized with a name or small message. If you have a specific image you want on your tumbler, you can email it to me, and I will put that on it. All at no extra charge. We also have free domestic shipping. In order to provide free shipping and to make sure each item has the brightest colors and the best quality; each item is made to order. 

Happy Shopping,


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